Deluxe Original Vodka, a link between passion and tradition

Why so much perfectionism for the production Deluxe Original Vodka ?

Well before the appearance of the first theory of marketing appeared in the 60s, the best craftsmen already embraced noble cause.

By dint of hard work, perseverance and control, some of them developed an exceptional know-how.

The respect and the official recognition of what is exceptional and out of the ordinary becomes little by little a way of expression.

The development, sharing and respect of the product then become a showmanship.

Whether humble or powerful, rich or poor,

the result of exceptional know-how never leaves anyone indifferent

100% additives free since 1849

Deluxe Original Vodka is made from the very beginning from a subtle blend of wheat and rye. The cereals are rigorously selected and come from small parcels close to the distillery.

The yeast used is particularly well-suited, as well as all the ingredients of Deluxe Original Vodka. This is for example what guarantees you a 100% gluten-free vodka with a unique taste.

An exceptional and very pure water

A fresh and crystalline, mineralized and recognized exceptional water composes more than 60% the Deluxe Original vodka.

The capture of this very pure water, whose source is located nearly 300 meters deep, is done by means of permanently controlled artesian wells.

Distilled 7 times, why ?

During the making of a vodka, the grain, yeast or other ingredients that compose it form the distillate.

The master craftsmen, creators of Deluxe Original, were looking for the perfect balance from the beginning in 1893 and imposed 7 successive distillations.

Thus, part of the distillate is removed at each distillation.

The combination of successive reduction of the distillate associated with the 7 consecutive distillations makes it possible to control the bitterness well before the filtration.

Also, undesirable volatile substances (such as ethanol, methanol, etc.) are thus reduced. This process also drastically limits headaches associated with alcohol consumption.

What the Deluxe Original loses in flavor when reducing the distillate, it gains roundness.

Accompanied by a good meal, it becomes magic, it is the meal served that enhances the flavor.

Tasted in nature, in shot for example, it is at 4-5 degrees C that the Deluxe Original reveals its noble character, balanced and subtle

Three filtrations only… Why?

Once the 7 successive distillations have been completed, a filtration process unique in the world is initiated.

In three stages, slowly, and at a constant temperature.

Each natural component that is built into successive filters captures and retains specific and different components. This until you get that unique flavor that characterizes the Deluxe Original. The aim is the balance between flavors and neutrality, defining exceptional vodkas.

The first filtration is called “silver”. It takes place at constant temperature in filters filled with silver and charcoal from coconut shells.

The second filtration is called “crystal”. This takes place in columns filled with quartz crystals and amber granules.

Finally, the third filtration is called “gold”. It is performed through filters filled with this precious and rare metal.

The result..? You get this taste, this character and velvety so pleasant in the mouth.

Did you know ?

Ethanol, also called ethyl alcohol, comes from fermentation. Carbon, oxygen and hydrogen compose it.

It has been used since prehistory for its psychotropic virtues.

Ethanol was then used as fuel until 1908

FORD T could work thanks to pure ethanol.

Ingested in small doses, ethanol causes a feeling of euphoria.

Methanol was used as a fuel in the mid-1960s racing.

Ethanol and methanol are reduced during successive distillations.

But still…

Wheat has a genome made up of 17 billion base pairs !!

For example, the already complex human genome has only about 3 billion.